The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Europe During Shoulder Season

A European vacation over summer might have all the typical trappings of a can’t-miss bucket-list event, but if you were looking to elevate your getaway, consider changing the time of year in which you visit. Shoulder season — aptly named as the time of year when it’s too hot for sweaters and too chilly for just a T-shirt — is the unofficial off-season for much of Europe’s tourism. The benefits are many, but here are just a few for your consideration.

Photo: The Prague Bridge

Fewer Folks

Most people save their European vacations for the summer — the key to beating the pack is to zig when everyone else zags. In shoulder season, you’ll have the crowd favorites (almost) all to yourself. World-class museums, landmarks and other go-to staples of a city, left strikingly quiet and unbothered. You’re free to soak up the moment without the worry of holding up the foot traffic.

Photo: Duomo Cathedral Square, Milano

Pleasant Weather

Walking through the quaint streets of a European city is charming any time of year, but to let you in on an open secret: The Goldilocks-temperature isn’t found in any of the summer months. Nothing is quite as refreshing as a bright, temperate day in shoulder season — especially if you’re looking at Mediterranean countries. While beach vacations are often associated with summer months, you’ll stay quite a bit cooler steering clear of heat wave season.

Photo: Berlin, Germany

Pops of Colour

Whether you’re looking at spring of fall, you’ll be looking out at a cascade of colours wholly unviewable in the summer. Nature comes alive literally in spring, with just about every plant putting out some sort of fantastical bloom. The only thing that can upgrade a breathtaking iconic European vista or landscape? The very same iconic snapshot but framed with flowers. The same proves equally true in the fall; peak foliage elevates just about every view. Picture it: The canals of Amsterdam adorned with a symphony of tulips. The Champs-Élysées crowned with brilliant hues of leafy reds and oranges. The Amalfi Coast coated in dewdrop-kissed early buds, each promising a pinch of color for your souvenir snapshot. Europe is beautiful year-round, but there’s something special about spring and fall that summer can’t quite match.

Photo: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delightful Deals

If there was one benefit that could rival reduced crowds, it’s reduced prices. It’s easy to save on a vacation when much of the continent drops their prices — and even easier if you have a trusted travel agent on your side. Not only are they well-equipped to consult on where and how you should visit Europe, but their prominent position within the travel industry unlocks savings possibilities you didn’t even know you were missing. Case in point: An ideal way to visit Europe is onboard a cruise with Celebrity Cruises®. Sure, it might seem simple enough to book a flight and hoof it to find a hotel — but then you’d be missing out on the chance to port-hop on board one of Celebrity Cruises’ award-winning Relaxed LuxurySM? resorts at sea, enjoying sumptuous meals and luxurious spaces every moment in between dreamy destinations. The best part? Our agents know Celebrity Cruises well, so we can help you choose, plan and book your cruise vacation to perfection.

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